I use this website to share some of my personal ideas and work. I have been programming for over 20 years now, in many different languages. I started out with C/C++ and Pascal, then I had my share of “down to the metal” with assembly and kernel hacking, and later the bulk of my professional work was with higher level programming. My current favorite languages are Java and Python. I think there is something to learn from almost every software/technology, so I try to be as curious as possible.

I am currently a software engineer at 10gen, where I work on the MongoDB core apps and the Java driver. If you are looking for a modern document oriented database that is fast, easy to use, and full-featured, you must check MongoDB. Previously I spent many years in the CDN industry, at Panther CDN then CDNetworks, designing and developing one of the largest and fastest Content Delivery and Application Acceleration Network. There, I worked on a system spawning thousands of servers in 120 locations around the globe, serving about 1 million rps, and 200 gbps. Prior work include the development of a new network protocol in Linux kernel to multiplex several interfaces, used in wireless devices, and some mobile apps development.

I have many ongoing personal projects which are listed in the sidebar. Most of them are started but unfinished due to a lack of time. Some of them are totally outdated. Some were just meant to be drafts, for me to learn about certain technologies. But I am pretty enthusiastic about a few of them, like UMongo, SharpShot, and SwingFast.

At home, I try to use free/open software as much as possible and I will apply the same rules to my personal work. I have used Windows over the years but mostly Linux and Unix systems. These days my laptop runs Ubuntu and I use Debian, Fedora Core and Solaris for my servers.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will find something useful or interesting around this site!